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What makes a global Hip Hop scratch-master tick? Just how does a Skratch Bastid cope with that jet-setting madness? Well we asked, and like a proper legend used to cooking up magic from whatever his hands touch, (aka) Paul Murphy gave us a gripping look-in...

Your booking schedule takes you around the world a few times a year; where do you stop to take a break?

My motto is: "STAY ready so you don't have to GET ready". I'm always ready to rock a show, or just enjoy my current location on the planet. I travel almost 50% of the year, so it's important to feel at home wherever I go. Like this past year on my birthday I was in Amman, Jordan and stopped in to visit Petra; that was perfect! Sometimes great things like that line up, you've just got to take the opportunities when they pop up.

Which influences do you find yourself returning to the most?

I find with almost anything - sports, music, live shows, movies - our younger brain preserves this immaculate inspiration that fuels us for the rest of our lives. Scratches on rap albums by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff; battle videos from DJ Craze, The X-Men, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies; Michael Jordan, Steve Nash, Shaq, all of that still inspires to me! That said, I'm also blown away by the younger “YouTube” generation, who have SO much at their fingertips and are applying it.

What's in the works for you that your fans can look forward to?

More production, more videos, and more shows. I love what I do and just want to take it as far as I can. I feel like I've got lots of room to go in taking my produced music to the world, so it's time to work hardest on that.

Share your weirdest tour anecdote

There's weird shit happening to me all the time. The weirdest one in recent memory was sitting next to a man on the plane with severe OCD who had THREE neck pillows, couldn't stop fidgeting, was obsessed with airline points (and loved to talk about it), extremely unhygienic, pretty sure he masturbated half-way through the flight, it was atrocious. I tried to change seats but there were no other seats on the plane, so I basically hugged the opposite armrest for the duration of the entire flight.

Next time I'll tell you about LTJ Bukem at the private afterparty on a boat in Moscow...

How does your audience in Asia stand out & what do you do differently for them?

I think every city & definitely every country has its own unique scene, but generally speaking it feels like clubbing in Asia is at an earlier stage than America, so it's exciting because I feel like I have so much to show and share. But every crowd and night is different, and as I've learned it's better to keep your head up, read the current situation in front of you and apply what you know & love, rather than over-prepare or force things on people.

You've visited Thailand a few times now, is it growing on you?

Like crazy. I love it over there. Given, I've only seen Bangkok, Phuket, and Wonderfruit, but I love the general openness and adventurous spirit that seems to accompany people in Thailand, from the locals to the people who have traveled or relocated there. I've always loved the food, and I can feel the scene growing in a great direction, so I'm happy to experience it and be a part of it. Looking forward to being there!

Come see Skratch Bastid face-to-face on May 22nd at Sugar Club, and experience Panthera Group’s world-class entertainment in Bangkok!

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